Some Family Pics

About Me

My name is Bart, but most people call me either Bartman or Barticus. On 24 January 1969 I shocked the world by the happening of my own birth (go figure what my age is). Ever since I been traveling around the world, in the hope to explore it to the most. During my exploration of the world I stood sometimes still to take in the moment. I have to say the world has a lot to offer and its enjoyable to witness such beautiful moments and places.

My Family

During my travels in Australia I met the woman I love. Melbabe and I got married in London on 16 September 2000. One of my most rememberable days of my life. Just one big party! In a few words Melbabe is: Beautiful, Trustfull, happy and as adventuras as I am. On 8 December 2005 Maximus Mateo our son, was born. On 3 October 2008 Noa Sky our daughter was born. Never knew that having kids could have such a positive and good impact on my life! I love and enjoy my family the most I can!